eCommerce Consulting

Build Sustainable eCommerce store growth

Having worked with hundreds of eCommerce companies, I am obsessed with the industry. Anyone with a passion and drive can start an eCommerce store, those that succeed are the ones that can tell a story about themselves and how their products and services help make their customers lives better.

ecommerce consulting
eCommerce Email Marketing Consulting

What keeps eCommerce store owners up at night? I have studied the psychology behind conversions along with the science behind emails while conducting campaigns with multiple touch points. Behavioral email marketing allows eCommerce store owners to mitigate shopping cart abandonment and increase the lifetime value of their shoppers.


eCommerce SEO

The traffic that converts best is the traffic that is already looking for you also know as organic traffic. SEO consulting services include, on page optimization, eCommerce SEO image optimization, and international eCommerce strategy. I help generate authority while branding your eCommerce store to ensure you are in all the right places online.

Staying up to date with the latest eCommerce trends and eTail industry insights I can help your store implement schema markup for your products and local business to stand out in Google, Bing,


eCommerce Social Media

Tie everything together with a fully integrated social media strategy, out of all the campaigns I have worked on the ones who utilized all social channels and resources available have performed best.

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