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Ok Which One Is It? eCommerce vs E-Commerce

This question is probably on the back of every eCommerce marketers mind.

Alaa Hassan posed the question to the the eCommerce Group on Facebook, and there was some interesting insight from the community.

The eCommerce Group

Brandon Dupsky makes a solid point

“While more people search e-commerce in google 3/2 when you search ecommerce you don’t see many e-commerce sites come up. but if you search e-commerce many ecommerce sites come up” So I use ecommerce for search where I can capture both better. sure more people search e-commerce but google has you covered mostly if you have ecommerce. the opposite doesn’t hold as true.”

If you take a look at Google Trends E-Commerce was so 2005. 😉

eCommerce Keyword Research

Yet when conducting keyword research E-Commerce boasts 33,100 average monthly searches compared to 18,100 searching for eCommerce.
E-Commerce keywords eCommerce Keywords

electronic commerce

Gary from the eCommerce Group was kind enough to point to the APA style guide.

Q: How about using e- as a prefix for new terms in the tech and business worlds?
A: AP uses hyphenated e- for generic terms such as e-commerce and e-strategies. One exception: email (no hyphen, which reflects majority of usage). For company names, use their preference: eBay.

But heck it’s our industry we can call it whatever we want. What are you going to call it?

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