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A Guide to Embedding Social Media Networks On Your Website

Working with clients in a broad spectrum of industries and demographics I’ve had the opportunity to utilize many social media networks to drive traffic to websites. The main rule is to spend time on the social networks that your audience is spending time on.

Many clients want to increase their social following and integrate their websites with social media so I mainly created this as a reference for myself when working on clients sites. Hopefully someone finds it useful as well.

How To Embed A tumblr Blog Into Your Website

If you’d like to embed a tumblr blog in your own separate domain, follow the steps below:

Copy and Paste this javascript into your custom HTML: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://myblogname.tumblr.com/js’></script>
replace “myblogname” with the name of your blog.

If using WordPress or another similar CMS swith from visual to text and if done correctly your embedded tumblr blog will look like this.

How to embed Pinterest on your website

For Pinterest simply go to the Widget builder under Pinterest Business, you will get to this page where you copy the URL of your board, or profile and by clicking “Build It” you generate the code that you can copy into your content management system.

pintrest widget builder

For the last year I have been collecting some of the best pieces of visual content representing digital marketing. You can find the collection by following my Pintrest board and if you have any suggestions for a Pin send me an email and I will send you an invite to pin on the Digital Marketing Board.

How to embed Twitter on your website

For Twitter you go the widgets setting in your profile, “Create New”, which will lead you to the page below.

embed twitter

After some customization just click create widget and copy and paste the twitter code into your CMS.

How to embed LinkedIn on your website

For your LinkedIn you have many options with their developer tools, from creating a sign in with LinkedIn Button, promoting your company page,  to advertising relevant jobs. I chose to embed my personal profile

How to embed Facebook on your website

There are a few different ways to promote your Facebook, Social Media Examiner does a great job getting creative embedding Facebook posts. After getting lousy support over the phone I chose to complain to GoDaddy via Facebook and shared my embed post below.

How to embed Google + on your website

Google+ Badges can be made for your company profiles as well as personal badges with their robust developer tools

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