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How To Find Nearly Anyone’s Email Address

Getting ahold of people these days can be tricky business. It requires persistence, accurate information and a little bit of luck.

Maybe you applied for your dream job and want to get ahold of the human resource director who never replied to your flawless cover letter. Or perhaps you are prospecting a potential client and their gatekeeper thinks she works at Fort Knox and gives you the “I can’t give you their email address it’s private information” speech.

This post will teach you how to discover nearly anyone’s email address with 3 tools.

  1. A Gmail Account
  2. Rapportive, whom was acquired by LinkedIn and replaces gmail ads with your email prospects info
  3. This Email Permutator Google Doc created by Rob Ousbey from Distilled

So once you have all these 3 tools in play watch this 5 minute Youtube Video and be amazed.

So You Are Amazed Huh?

But you still don’t know who you are supposed to be looking for, so how do you find their first and last name so you can email them?

Ok this is where I come in. My first gig out of college we had to do our own prospecting, meaning I would type a long tail keyword phrase into Google and add every new eCommerce company I discovered into our CRM.

I always wanted to talk to the owner, the president or the VP of eCommerce and used LinkedIn and DomainTools to connect with prospects.

Using Domain Tools To Find Prospect Contact Info and Email Addresses

DomainTools offers a freemium and premium service, but I have yet to pay and am rarely throttled on how many domains I look up. For most smaller companies and startups they do not hide their domain details behind a proxy. For instance if you search for eCommerce Cosmos on DomainTools. You will find a plethora of information about me, including my number, email address, physical address, everything short of a DNA sample.DomainToolsThis is extremely simple to do, just add”” into your url bar and create a free account with DomainTools.

Now be mindful this will not work with most large corporations, for instance SkyMall.

skymall domaintools

So you never want to email because it could be a spam trap, and you frankly you will just be wasting your time.

So this is where our friends Google and LinkedIn come into Play. Thanks to Schema Markup, Google made finding presidents and CEO’s a lot easier.

Skymall CEO Karen Weiss

Utilizing what we just learned form the video above we will add Mr.Weiss to our Email Permutator.

Email Permutator

Copy and Paste all the email addresses that populated into a new message in Gmail with the Rapportive extension enabled.

rapportive at work

And Voila, Skymall uses first initial last name as the standard email address for all their team members.

Thanks to Cold Email Expert Bryan Kreuzberger I discovered that my chances of success are much higher if I email multiple executives at the firm individually. (Do Not CC or Bcc)

Using LinkedIn To Find Email Addresses

Finding marketing executives and eCommerce directors can be a bit tricker since they most hop around jobs like kangaroos. Though most keep their LinkedIn Profile updated so search the company you are prospecting on LinkedIn.

Skymall LinkedIn


Now Click on the Employees on LinkedIn number in this case “93” and you will find the connections you were searching for.

Skymall EmployeesRemember to Email Responsibly


great power

Remember that these are busy executives, they do not have time to answer every email they get. If you are going to email them do not send a canned email, take some time to investigate if they have a need that you can help them with. Read their LinkedIn profiles, recent news articles they were mentioned in, company reports and anything else you can find that might help you make a great first impression.

If you have any other tips and tricks to finding emails faster, better, let me know, and I hope this helped!

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