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Who am I

I’m Luiz Centenaro, I’m a T-shaped digital marketer constantly learning new skills, and executing new ideas.

I am well versed in email marketing, conversion rate optimization, inbound customer acquisition and search engine optimization.  

While living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and working remotely, I built my own eTail store Hammock Town. This experience gave me new insight into how I could catapult my eCommerce clients to new heights by increasing sales and building brand awareness. I currently blog about eCommerce and offer consulting services at eCommerce Cosmos.

When not working on digital marketing strategy, I can usually be found surfing at a secluded beach, skiing the fresh Colorado powder or under the sun in a hammock reading a book (currently reading The Hobbit).

Discover TaxJar

I am a productivity addict and use apps including:

  • 1Password for security and to save 10 minutes a day
  • StayFocused to block out distracting websites
  • RescueTime to track my productivityluiz centenaro rescue time
  • IFTTT & Zapier to automate life
  • Pillow to track my sleep and REM cycles triggering an alarm to wake me up at optimal times

I’ve been working remotely for over 3 years.  I am what some would call a “digital nomad”. Instead of having a set place to live, I prefer to explore the world by learning new cities and meeting new people. I am constantly discovering a new coffee shop or coworking space that I can ride a bike to. 2014 was the first year I worked remotely:

  • From campgroundsworking remotely in campgrounds
  • From 37 coffee shops around the country (I interviewed their owners regarding coffee shop etiquette)
  • From Co Working Spaces in LA and Thailand

In 2014, I focused on building eCommerce Cosmos to 20+ clients through a partnership with Evok Advertising, an advertising agency based in Central Florida that is recognized by Forbes as a top-100 global agency. I also built Hammock Town, and analyzed over 12,000 emails from eCommerce companies.

In 2014 I learned that the right partnerships are imperative to growth, and that through constant improvement you can achieve great things.

luiz centenaro SEO

In 2015, I moved to Medellin, Colombia where I started a Latin Art site with my Colombian roommate, Art Latina. Art Latina’s mission is to empower Latin American Artists to overcome poverty by selling their art in our online marketplace.

I also continued consulting for Evok Advertising and some of my own freelance clients. One of my clients, Experiment Engine offered me a full time position on their Customer Success team in Austin Texas, I was ecstatic to accept the offer to work with an incredible team of developers and designers building the best in class CRO product.

At Experiment Engine I helped run thousands of A/B tests for websites averaging over 1,000,000 unique visits monthly earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional yearly revenue.

Those clients included:

  • Insightlyluiz centenaro CRO testimonial
  • DailySale.com
  • Resignation Media
  • Inbound.org/Hubspot

If you aren’t familiar, Experiment Engine just got acquired by Optimizely last week to help companies scale their A/B testing.

At EE I learned SaaS sites including TaxJar, are the hardest to optimize but through continuous iterative testing and UX research you can definitely move the needle to drive up free trials and free trial conversions.

After 1 year of working with the EE team in the Austin Office, I helped hire and train a new employee while continuing to work remotely with EE for 4 months until I moved to FlorianĂłpolis, Brazil in September of 2016.

In Brazil I:

  • Helped Peak Ryzex Direct and SKICKS set up their email marketing automation programs
  • Grew Hammock Town to over 10k unique monthly visits
  • Learned To Surf (kind of 🏄 🌊)surfing in florianopolis luiz
  • Visited 20+ family members I hadn’t seen in several years
  • Missed multiple Sales Tax Deadlines with the Florida Department of Revenue

Currently in 2017 I’m working out of a co working office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida while I plan my next move to Bali. I will be in Bali for several months to co-work, surf and immerse myself in the incredible Indonesian culture.

1095 days later I am appreciative of the companies I have been able to help and honored to have received their testimonials and reviews Google +, Clarity, & LinkedIn.

Why I Want to Help Build TaxJar

I love the TaxJar philosophy and thought leadership in the online sales tax industry. I suffered through the sales tax nightmare myself building my eCommerce business.

Being a finance major you’d think it would have been easy for me, but it’s nearly impossible keeping up with state sales tax laws that are constantly changing.

I missed tax deadlines, I didn’t know to file taxes when I didn’t collect sales taxes, I spent hours on the phone with the Florida Department of Revenue trying to get fees waived. This made me start resenting eCommerce and was very demotivating.

After learning about the TaxJar solution, plus Autofile, along with how affordable it was… I was instantly hooked.

As an eCommerce store owner I don’t want to contantly think about this, as a TaxJarer I’d live, breathe and dream sales tax laws. đŸ€“ 📚

The TaxJar philosophy on how software is not the way to solve internet sales tax demonstrates how you value fairness in the marketplace providing TaxJar is in it for the long haul vs trying to make a quick buck.

From turning down deals, to innovating the distributed team hiring process. TaxJar not only has a product I 100% back but also a culture that is ideal for my personality.

Everyone on the team is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed in the tax system that is designed to make you fail.

Can I see myself getting excited to work on the problem TaxJar is solving?

This is a problem I can geek out on! đŸ€“

Nearly every online business needs TaxJar, when looking to scale with Amazon FBA or through marketplaces, TaxJar moves from the “nice to have” category to “must have”.

Do I like the people I’ll be working with?

What inspired me about TaxJar is the team. The entire company contributes above and beyond their “job description”

You can tell from the timely responses on Facebook, Quora and Twitter.

I’ve never been more excited for some chores!

The TaxJar team is passionate about helping business owners because 80% of them are/were business owners themselves. There is a saying that goes.

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

I know for a fact that in the FlowDock room at TaxJar I’d be far from the smartest person there and would learn tons from the TaxJar community.

Can I thrive in this unique, distributed team environment?

I’m all about that remote life. Though I’m used to Slack I just downloaded FlowDock and am eager to see how it compares.

TaxJar Open Jobs:

  • Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Ruby on Rails Dev (I wish)

I’d love to help TaxJar with their Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy + help build and perfect the product that I fell in love with. The ideal position would involve helping with:

  • Promoting TaxJar through eCommerce influencers, content marketing, and publications with high page ranks.
  • Developing an A/B testing road map on Google Docs or through a tool like Experiment Engine for the TaxJar marketing site to increase FREE trial sign ups and conversions
  • Working with dev and customer success to coordinate A/B testing for new feature releases
  • Working with State Departments of Revenue to help get them paid and to keep TaxJar clients compliant

After reading the job descriptions TaxJar seems like the perfect place to work and I’d be honored to be considered for an interview and work trial.

Build and maintain strong relationships with eCommerce influencers, industry experts and strategic TaxJar partners

I have spent half a decade building and nurturing relationships with eCommerce influencers. I built and maintain a list of 2000+ eCommerce subscribers ranging from huge companies to small mom and pop stores!

ecommerce newsletter

To drive opt in customers I created a free eCommerce Email Marketing Essentials Course. (don’t judge the design 🙀)

Leveraging my current relationships with eCommerce store owners and building new ones for TaxJar would be my favorite part of the opportunity!

Research and identify new audiences for TaxJar and market our extensive library of sales tax content

From LinkedIn and Quora to Facebook and Twitter someone from the TaxJar team seems to instantly answer any sales tax related question. It’s incredible.

Testing new channels and creating a plan for “social listening” on current channels is an exciting project I’d love to tackle. Bringing the TaxJar Bear back would be rad too.

Take ownership of and grow TaxJar’s existing social media channels; research and suggest new social media opportunities


taxjar twitter

The TaxJar team does a fantastic job utilizing Twitter. With response times to rival Buffer, the replies are human, funny and non robotic. You can tell the person behind the tweet cares.


  • Design a new header that isn’t cut off on desktop.
  • Utilize Twitter lists more, ie best CPAs and Tax Pros on Twitter
  • Change the link colors and Twitter theme to the Tax Jar Green #3EB049
  • Use another fully distributed company software (Buffer) to schedule posts for the month, including Tax Deadlines for each state.

TaxJar LinkedIn

TaxJar has a solid presence on LinkedIn, with regular posts a good sized following with decent engagement.


  • Test out LinkedIn Advertisements
  • Upload organic posts rather than publishing with Buffer + tagging the companies like Bronto in the post to generate engagement from their company and anyone featured in
  • Participate more regularly in Sales Tax groups

Facebook: sales tax facebook group

TaxJar runs the Sales Tax communities online and Facebook is no exception. Jennifer Dunn doesn’t sleep! She is constantly helping eCommerce store owners navigate the world of sales tax.


  • Upload organic video content vs YouTube content

organic vs youtube

  • Tag companies like Shopify and when publishing these posts on Facebook

shopify sales tax

A/B testing Facebook retargeting ads to lookalike audiences built based on converting TaxJar traffic would be a fantastic way to boost posts.

Provide first tier social media customer support

This is already being done with Facebook and Twitter and I can help!

Pitch sales tax content to online publications and media outlets

Yes! I’d love to use tools like AHREFS to craft an action plan to pitch sales tax content to the publications that have the highest page ranks and publications that will bring the best converting customers to TaxJar.

I’ve been featured in a few publications such as the ones below:

Huffington Post
Lemonstand Logo
Sellbrite Logo
Experiment Engine Logo

I’d love to expand from these publications and help TaxJar content get published on hundreds of media outlets and online publishing powerhouses.

Develop content strategies that can scale across the web and social media properties

Building scalable  content is fun! Two pieces that have worked well for Hammock Town are the Hammocking Chronicles and the Office Hammock Template. I’d love to collaborate with the team on strategies to scale the great content published by the TaxJar team.

Own, manage and grow TaxJar’s affiliate program

I am an affiliate for TaxJar already and love the Refersion program that is set up. Creating content and tutorials to help other agencies and eCommerce marketers sell TaxJar to their clients is a project I’d love to work on. (We also need to update 7,000 sellers to 8,000 and soon 10,000) 😃.taxjar affiliate programBuild and report on Key Performance Indicators, using data to show the successes of your hard work

Absolutely, I’d love to audit current social traffic to discover how many free trials it generates and how many of those free trials end up converting into paid accounts + the lifetime value of those accounts.

Upon discovering these metrics, doubling down on channels that are converting best and testing new channels with a goal to drive an increase of traffic and conversions by 10%+ would be an ideal goal to start off.

Deeply understand the needs and desires of customers (and their designees) who file sales and use tax returns

I am a TaxJar customer with Reporting and Autofile, I’d love to learn more about SmartCalcs solution. To better understand the needs and desires of customers I’d love to conduct customer research and A/B test new features that customers might not have even known they wanted.

Craft and own the vision for the best, most intuitive, most efficient sales and use tax filing system in the market

You’ve built it, I’m using it. Continuing to improve TaxJar products through A/B testing while staying on top of tax industry trends is the surefire way to creating the best product on the market.

Work directly with states to identify specifications and constraints for their filing options

I’ve spent countless hours with the Florida Department of Revenue and would love to build relationships with other states. My goal would be to have every state notify us whenever they are making sales tax changes and to work closely with the States to get them paid and our clients in compliance. Win Win.

Work hand-in-hand with product development to define and prioritize the requirements they need to build and improve said service

At Experiment Engine we used a scoring system in Google Sheets to prioritize and define requirements for building the app. I had no experience writing requirements before joining the EE team but my manager Andra Bond had the utmost patience; she taught me think through every possible scenario when asking a dev/designer to build something. This saved time and money in the long term and I’m super thankful for it.

Work with our tax experts, customer success, internal filing team to ensure we maintain our world class Net Promoter Score (yes, it’s currently above 70 for filing)

This sounds exciting, the TaxJar brand reputation is phenomenal and only going to get better.

Working with TaxJar has turned from an idea to a passion in the last 2 months and I’ve put together this page to demonstrate that I am serious about it.

The only thing I fear is the singing… but I understand the importance of camaraderie and tradition, yet have no idea what song I’d perform but my palms are sweaty just thinking about it!

Thanks for considering me as a potential candidate to work at your incredible company.

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Luiz Centenaro

Customer Success Manager at Experiment Engine
Luiz is a CRO consultant, eCommerce Entrepreneur and Adventurer. You can follow Luiz on Twitter or Google +.



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