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Will Instagram Dominate Snapchat?

There are over 500 million Instagrammers — 300 million that use Instagram every single day.

The average person spends about 50 minutes a day on Facebook/Instagram/Messenger but like any publicly traded company, Facebook wants more.

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Facebook’s stock continues to thrive but companies like Snapchat are quickly sniping away at Facebook’s marketshare.

We all have 24 hours a day and advertisers want all of our precious time to go to them. The more time we spend on their app or website the more money they make. 💰

The key performance indicator for social media and content publishing sites is “Average Session Duration”.

Social media sites increase average session duration by introducing a variety of fun features and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to sharing while slowly introducing advertisements. Well all of them except Ello.

So on July 6th 2016, Snapchat introduced Memories, a way for you to save all your Snaps. If this feature is widely used it can definitely draw you away from Instagram, so Kevin Systrom the billionaire CEO responds by Introducing Instagram Stories. Kevin even gave Evan all the credit.

Rather than reinvent the wheel Instagram copied Snapchat. McDonald’s and Burger King do the exact same thing to each other. Have you ever wondered why the fast food chains are across the street from each other?

Interestingly enough this less than a week after Miranda Kerr announced her engagement to Evan Spiegel on Instagram.

I said yes!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

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So onto the question everyone has been asking.

Will Instagram make snapchat futile?

Snapchat with over 100 million daily users spending at least 25-30 minutes on the app each day has a tough battle ahead of them.

Within just a few hours of releasing Instagram stories, the app has a TON of engagement. Many folks calling it the end of Snapchat.

instagram vs snapchat

Ross Simmonds asks his audience what they think about Insta vs Snap.

instagram vs snapchat

David Vassiliev recognizes the juggernaut that Instagram wants to be.

instagram vs snapchat

Brenna Gilbert says goodbye to Snapchat!

instagram vs snapchat

Nicole Zeeks, posts a funny Instagram story about Snapchat.

Instagram Stories Engagement is Skyrocketing 🚀

I’m following about 1000 people on Instagram and there are over 50 stories on my feed, with nearly 5,000 followers within minutes I had more engagement on my Instagram story than I ever had with Snapchat.
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I think there will still be a place for Snapchat, but mostly for individuals who wish to remain private and undiscovered while Instagram will take the reigns for those who want to be discovered and share their content with the world.

What do you think? Are you going to stop using Snapchat because of Instagram stories or do both have their place?

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