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Why I Won’t Be Searching For Any Nude Celebrity Photos

Unless you live in a tent which I did for quite some time this past summer you already know that 20 personalities, including Jennifer Lawrence, have had nude images of themselves distributed like funnel cake at a fair all over the Inter-webs.

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The Fappening

3 months ago I would have been the first one to search for these photos but I quit watching porn for a slew of reasons, and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Apple of course won’t admit how vulnerable iCloud is, especially with the iPhone 6 set to launch in exactly a week.

The bug identified by Mr Troshichev makes iCloud penetrable to iBrute, a form of hacker exploit that attempts an unlimited number of logins to eventually give access to accounts with predictable passwords. One of the hackers 4chan posted most of the images and solicited donations for a sneak peak.

In addition to violating their privacy through photos many had geo tagged locations. Pin pointing these personalities whereabouts.

By seeking out these photos we are contributing to the problem. Rather than living our own lives we are obsessed with others especially celebrities who are just normal people like you an I.

Here is HackApp’s official comment on their blog apologizing for how users exploited the glitch and how their only intention was to bring to light the flaws in Apple’s systems.

This goes to show how nothing we post online is secure or private, not Snapchat, not iCloud, there are no full-proof ways to protect your privacy online so be mindful of what you decide to to store.

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