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Working Remotely in Medellin Colombia and Reflecting on a Year of Travel

4 days ago I was sitting at the Medellin International Airport reflecting on the last year of my life. It seems surreal and I still don’t fully comprehend how lucky I am to have experienced so much.

According to the Pew Research Center 40% of Americans never leave their hometown. I was lucky enough to move from Brazil to America when I was 7 thanks to my mom but I have family who has never left Palmas the city I grew up in (population = 40,000)

Reflecting on this along with my travels across the United States, along with living in Thailand I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t experience different cultures.

map of 1 year traveling

The biggest takeaway is gratefulness. You come to appreciate so much more and learn to take nothing for granted.

From March 10 to May 13th I lived in Medellin Colombia and the experience was outstanding.

I’m not one of those travelers with an itinerary and to do list, I like to live like a local and learn the culture. If you are a recent grad and you aren’t quite sure what you want out of life. Travel.

Working Remotely While Traveling Abroad

You can live in amazing places such as Chiang Mai or Medellin for $1,000 a month and be extremely well off. Finding a freelance job just takes some hustle, you can learn all the skills you need without even paying the state for a piece of paper that says you can learn. (Bachelors Degree)

medellin cost of living

If you want to sell most of your junk and move to Colombia it’s pretty easy, as you can see the cost of living is ideal especially if you are making dollars and spending Pesos.

There are some people that will try to sell you guides but to me you are breaking rule number 1. If you go to another country don’t hang out with the gringos hang out with the locals.

The US $1 has never been stronger against the Colombian Peso and the only thing more expensive in Colombia is the gasoline.

colombian peso to dollar

I recommend you stay at a hostel for a night or two, I stayed in Casa Kiwi in a shared dorm for $12 night.

casa kiwi medellin

Now if you are not about that hostel life and you actually have to get shit done I recommend finding an apartment. I found one via the Medellin Rooms and Apartments Information Facebook group. For $212.00 a month a room in a status 5 location was possible (yes there are statuses from 1-6 based on wealth)

After a month in a shared apartment for double the price I found a 1 bedroom near the coffee shop I almost always worked out of, Cafe Revolution.

apartment for rent in medellin laureles apartment medellin apartment medellin apartments renting apartments in colombia studio apartment laureles apartment in laureles

The only downfall was the internet was complete crap at this place, I spent most of my time working at coffee shops or back at my old apartment thanks to JD Spinoza.

During my 2 months in Medellin I hustled hard and co founded a new eCommerce site, Art Latina while partaking in the routine coffee shop hustle.

Latin Street Artmedellin metro de lolita cafe medellin

tejo medellin parque arvi medellin la piedra del penol guatape colombia paragliding medellin luiz cafe zepellin puente de occidente ponte de occidente la barrica laureles downtown medellin


medellin living
cafe zeppelin medellin art latin medellin san antonio colombia medellin mahalo medellin punte occidente medellin location independent medellin living in medellin living in medellin colombia remote working medellin friends in medelin digital nomad medellin co working medellin remote living medellin

art latino founders totus tuss medellin

A special thanks to JD Spinoza, Diana Castrillon and Maritza Serna Rendón for making my experience in Medellin beyond incredible.

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