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Snapchat Is About To Start Violating Its Own Terms of Use

Snapchat is about to make a deal with Yahoo. A meeting between Ms Mayer and Spiegel at a conference this summer led to talks about a $20m – $50m investment and strategic partnership involving video distribution. There are no comments from the Snapchat or Yahoo team but I did some digging and inside Snapchat’s privacy policies it seems they are already giving Yahoo a ton of Data. snapchat-yahoo-data I know this because the link to Flurry’s privacy practices

actually redirects to

Flurry is a Yahoo! owned analytics company that has data on 1/3 of the worlds applications. It tracks 1.4 Billion devices across 540,000 apps, you can opt out of the tracking by visiting this web page and entering your device ID. So with pressure to monetize Spiegel announced at Vanity Fair this past Wednesday that Snapchat will be spamming users. Breaking it’s very own Terms and Condition by sending snaps that users do not want to receive. Snapchat terms and conditions It’s interesting that Spiegel will be testing with untargeted advertising, while their terms and conditions clearly state they track what websites you are on prior to visiting Snapchat.

We log information about your use of our websites, including your browser type and language, access times, pages viewed, your IP address and the website you visited before navigating to our websites.

Though popular with the Teens it will be interesting to see how this plays and perhaps Ello will release another Manifesto, as an anti ad snapchat competitor.

If you get sick of the ads or have had your nudes leaked you may want to delete your snapchat, it’s a hot search right now.

Here are some of the top queries from Google Trends including deleting snapchat.


You can delete your snapchat account but…

Your information and data will still be kept we may retain certain information as required by law, for legitimate business purposes, or as part of our regular retention practices. We may also retain cached or archived copies of information about you for a certain period of time.

Do you use snapchat? Will you continue to use it if there are advertisements on the platform? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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